George Harris - knifemaker
George Harris - knifemaker
Harris Knifeworks
Harris Knifeworks
Drop Point Hunter, 154 CM
Carving Set, ATS 34 with Ivory Micarta Scales
Chef Knife, 154 CM stainless blade, Black Linen Micarta scales with mosaic pins.

Welcome to Harris Knifeworks

I started making knives in 2001.  From those first crude knives, my work has progressed, with help and advice from many of my fellow knifemakers, to a product I am proud to sell and I believe you will be proud to own.  Each knife is a sole authorship piece made entirely in my shop. The heat treating is done in house in a state of the art Paragon furnace and the sheaths are also made in my shop.  I make knives because I love to see the knife take shape from the raw materials and I enjoy seeing the finished product become a prized possession as well as a practical tool.  The last step in finishing each knife is to etch my name on the blade and I simply will not place my name on a substandard blade.  That is why each knife comes with this simple straightforward guarantee; if the knife breaks during normal use I will replace or repair it.

                                                                                                                   George Harris

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George Harris

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phone: 972 922 1102

Knife Gallery

Here you'll find photos of my knives. Tactical, hunting, camp and kitchen. 

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